Criswell Memorial Scholarship

The Criswell Memorial Scholarship was established by the Criswell family in honor of Ada businessman, Jerry Criswell. Jerry was an avid supporter of the arts and former president of the Ada Arts Council.


The candidate must be a rising university senior, graduate student, or professional in the arts: theater, dance, visual arts, music, creative writing. The scholarship is to assist in their continuing education in their area of the arts. The amount of the award will be variable based on the income of the trust from the previous year.


The committee reserves the right not to make an award if a qualified candidate does not apply, or to make multiple awards if it deems. The scholarship is open to all native or legal residents of Pontotoc County. If the candidate is not a resident, but one of their parents is a legal Pontotoc County resident, then the candidate can still apply.

The 2020 award applications are Due May 15, and the award in the amount of $400 will be given on May 22. 

*Please note that scholarship applications are generally due in late April. Deadlines will be posted each year

on this page.

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