2021 Criswell Memorial Scholarship Recipient

The Ada Arts Council is pleased to announce the 2021 Criswell Memorial Scholarship recipient, Mac Crosby (IG: @analogl0ser). Crosby is a current East Central University Student Majoring in History and Mass Media.

Crosby is a documentary artist, photojournalist, and poet since high school along with singing, playing the banjo, bookbinding, pottery, and painting. She has a passion for giving a platform to stories untold. She can often be found with a film camera hanging around her neck, or a pen and paper in her pocket. Crosby plans to utilize this scholarship to purchase documentary equipment and fund the process to publish a photography/poetry zine. To see more information about Crosby’s works check out her website at analogloser.com

The Criswell Memorial Scholarship was established by the Criswell family in honor of Ada businessman, Jerry Criswell. Jerry was an avid supporter of the arts and former president of the Ada Arts Council. The candidate must be a rising university senior, graduate student, or professional in the arts: theater, dance, visual arts, music, creative writing. The scholarship is to assist in their continuing education in their area of the arts.

For more information about the Ada Arts Council, please visit us at adaartsok.org

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