Black Lives Matter Statement

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The Ada Arts Council supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

We stand in solidarity with all who are fighting against systemic racism,

racial injustice, police brutality, white supremacy, hate, and hate crimes. We support protests, including artistic expression, to inform meaningful change,action, understanding, and healing to drive our community forward. As a community of artists, educators, and makers that fundamentally believe in the human spirit to create, we encourage persistent reading of books, listening to music or poems, and

enjoying art by creators of color.

At this time, we extend our condolences to the Floyd family

and to all other families reliving the tragedy of losing a loved one to

police violence. This is why Black Lives Matter and we stand in

solidarity with the movement’s values and will work to create space

for Black imagination and innovation. We promise to commit to

listen to our artists from marginalized communities, learn how

to be even stronger allies, and to continue to be an organization

that does not tolerate hate or injustice.

#supportblackartists #blacklivesmatter

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