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Outstanding Adan in the Arts

Every year the AAC chooses to recognize a member of the arts

community that have exhibited or performed an outstanding service to Ada.


Jo Anna & Cameron Owens


Owners of Kind Origin Dispensary and their multipurpose area, The Gathering Space. They host local Ada artists, musicians, comedians, sculptors, authors, poets, chefs, and many more!


Dr. Brad Jessop


Dr. Jessop served as a faculty member and chair of the Art Department at ECU for 32 years, and director of the School of Fine Arts for 12 years. He retired from ECU at the end of July 2022.


Micah Gordon & Merrie Palmer


Two top performing arts  and music educators at Ada High School who have provided  extensive outreach and support to Ada’s youth.



In addition to his work at the Ada newspaper, Richard enjoys fine art and travel photography, creative writing and has taught photography since 2007.



Co-owner of the Grandview Main Gallery located on historic main street. Hosting events space hosts art exhibits, wedding receptions, comedy shows and more.



Sam was posthumously recognized for her contributions to her students and local art scene as an assistant professor of mass communications at ECU.

Past Recipients

2016 - Vickie Reifsnider

2014 - David & Deanna Piercy

2013 - Kenneth Hada

2012 - W.T. Skye & Sarah Garcia

2011 - Tori Davison

2010 - Diane Criswell

2001 - Dr. Starla Hibler

2000 - Patti Reese

1999 - Suzanne McFarlane

1998 - Rosemarie Benya

1997 - Phyllis Kunze

1996 - Rudy Lupinski

1994 - Jeff Frederick

1991 - Doug Laramore

1990 - Dorothy Summers

1989 - Betty Brooks

1988 - Bronson Warren

1987 - Mary Ann Deen

1986 - Dave & Virginia Ramsay

1985 - Austin Kidwell

1984 - Marguerite Hawkinson

1983 - Betty Woods

1982 - Orville Robbins

1981 - Muriel Davis

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